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Publicerat: 2005-09-14
Seminar at Sectech - Wireless Security Systems - Today's Answer to Tomorrow's Needs

Stockholm (Sweden)

At the Sectech expo in Stockholm, Sweden, 25 - 26 October 2005, Electronic Line wil hold a seminar, together with its distributor Microsec, on the theme "Wireless Security Systems - Today's Answer to Tomorrow's Needs".

Wireless technology usage in the security industry has started to capture a significant segment of the security market over the last decade, with market drivers being reduction in installation time and improvement of level of security. In addition end-user convenience, and desires for modern technology have lead to the integration of advanced communication technologies such as GSM and TCP/IP transforming what used to be a means of protection into a complete home management and control unit.
   Ronen Cohen, Sales Manager for Northern Europe at Electronics Line 3000, will demonstrate how the above is already fact and not fiction and explain the benefits and features of wireless security with home management solutions.
The presentation will introduce the diversity in home security offerings and the advantages of an integrated solution offering home security, video look-in, remote management and control all through a completely wireless platform.