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Publicerat: 2004-09-24
The nominated products for the Detektor International Award is annunced!

ImmSec, on of the nominated products for a Detektor International Award.

Yesterday, Detektor International formally announced the short list of products that have been nominated as finalists for the 5th annual Detektor International Awards.  
   "Over the last 12 months the security industry has moved on significantly with the greater acceptance of Internet Protocol and wireless networking and the real advent of biometrics technologies.  As a result the sector has seen the introduction of literally hundreds, or maybe even thousands of new product lines.  Our nominations today have been short listed from this vast array of newly introduced products." explained Rachel Ward Owen, as she hosted the ceremony at the International Stockholm Fair yesterday.

The Detektor International Awards were introduced five years ago to honour those invaluable products and manufacturers that have contributed particularly innovative, original and/or new technological designs and developments to our industry. 
   In order to demonstrate this prestige, the prizes themselves, in addition to being a gesture of recognition, are specially commissioned works of art, designed and produced by Bertil Vallien, one of the Worlds leading artists in glass sculpture.
   Once the finalists have been named, the Detektor International panel of judges will select a winner and a runner up in each category, and from those winners, an over all winner for 2004 will be chosen. The prizes and certificates will be presented at the official ceremony in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the Sectec 2004 show at the 3rd of November.
    As in previous years there are three categories, CCTV, Access Control, and Alarm Products.    

The nominations for 2004, within the CCTV category, are as follows:

The WonderTrack WT-1500 from Optex
The WonderTrack WT-1500 from Optex is a useful compact 4 channel DVR with integrated 2.5” hard disk drive, built in LAN Port for remote viewing, 4” LCD monitor with split screen multiplexer, and can be connected to up to 4 cameras.
 "This product, launched as the first ever, complete video security system, is selected for the superb achievement of incorporating so many "products" into one amazingly small but versatile unit." said Wachel Ward Owen.

The AXIS 211 Network Camera from Axis Communications 
The AXIS 211 Network Camera is optimised for professional indoor and outdoor security surveillance and remote monitoring. Combining simultaneous full frame rate Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 with a varifocal auto iris lens, integrated Power over Ethernet and powerful event handling with built-in video motion detection, this progressive scan camera is ideal for demanding security and surveillance applications. The motivation was:
   "A perfect choice as an award finalist, the AXIS 211 raises the bar for high resolution network cameras.  The product addresses the needs of institutions such as airports, manufacturing plants and public buildings".

The StableEyes from Qinetiq
This product is the result of a technology partnership agreement between Qinetiq and Ovation Systems.  It uses the very latest in image processing technology to reduce camera shake leaving systems operators with clear, stable and steady video even when high magnification lenses are used. The motivation for the choice of StableEyes are:
    "In the opinion of the jury this product will become invaluable in various high security applications, as it is able to significantly improve the performance of video surveillance systems whilst remaining relatively inexpensive."

The IQ Product Series of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems from iOmniscient.
This suite of intelligent surveillance systems is entirely flexible in its use – applications include detection of bombs and suspicious objects, theft detection, traffic management, customer service, vandalism detection, mobile control room, general security and crime prevention.
   Rachel explained the choice with the following words: "In the opinion of the jury the impressive IQ suite of Surveillance Systems from iOmniscient was an obvious choice for DI prize nomination.  The sytems are so flexible and advanced that they can be used in applications at either end of the security spectrum, from potentially spotting terrorist activity to identifying office equipment theft."

The nominations for the Access Control category are as follows:

The Bioguard Reader from Lenel.
Available exclusively through Lenel, this product is the result of a combination of technologies from Lenel, HID Corporation and Bioscrypt.  It is a “first of its kind”, virtually indestructible three factor indoor/outdoor vandal proof access control verification reader.  In order to gain access a cardholder must present a PIN code, their HID credential and then their fingerprint. 
- Selected as a finalist as it is truly an excellent solution for sensitive areas requiring top security.

The AEOS 1.5 Security Management Solution from Nedap
This latest enhanced access control software suite from Nedap includes a host of intuitive business enhancing features, such as central administration of permits and access rights, capacity management for precise indication of site occupancy and car park management system. 
   "This product combines a future-proof and highly flexible architecture based on open industry communication and software standards.  With the additional integration of virtually all reader technologies available on the market today, it makes a perfect candidate as an awards finalist." claimed Rachel Ward Owens during the ceremony. 

The Q3007 biometric transponder from Simon Voss Technologies
The Q3007 is a World first.  Not only is  it a “matchbox format” top security biometric transponder with integrated Infenion finger sensor technology, but it is also the first in the World to be entirely battery operated.  Access through an electronic locking system is gained when, and only when an “authorised” finger is moved across this minute portable sensor transponder.  Motivation:
   "An industry first that will surely become part of everyday life in the not too distant future ensures this product of a place in the final."

The Immsec immigration security gate from Gunnebo
This innovative product is the first immigration gate with single person detection preventing simultaneous access attempts.  The system is able to detect single and multiple configurations even if people are carrying luggage. A single gate can handle in excess of 300 safe passages per hour. Immsec may also be interfaced to (MRTDs) or machine readable travel documents and Biometrics. 
-  "the motivation for this choice of product is simple, not only is it a unique and technologically efficient immigration system but it also makes for a quicker and easier passage through border control for todays ever growing number of global travellers."

The nominations for the Alarm Products 2004 category are:
The Bosch FAP 500 Series LSN smoke detector
This new series of smoke detectors from Bosch is an enhancement of an already successful formula. This new product has a new ultra-slim design, with a range of different trim rings for customised installations.  It is dust and dirt resistant and incorporates a continuous measurement of dirt build up to ensure consistent and highly reliable performance. Motivation:
   "This product attracted the attention of the jury through its unusual and unique aesthetic design.  The smart appearance of both contemporary and traditional buildings can often be marred by the installation of obtrusive smoke detectors. Bosch have solved this problem by introducing this streamlined colour coordinated device." 

The Optex AX-350 and 650 DH series of Active Beams
Optex have recently launched this patent pending, new generation of unique digital photoelectric detectors, creating a complete new concept in active infrared detection.   Optex have pioneered the way for digital processing in this type of product, giving numerous practical and technological benefits over the traditional analogue technique. Motivation:
   "The Optex series of AX-350 and 650 DH active beams are an excellent choice for the Awards jury as these products are so obviously at the cutting edge of their field."

The SmartBox Personal Safety from Nordic Alarm
This latest personal assault and protection alarm product from Nordic Alarms is the only system of its kind that communicates wirelessly in two directions, confirming alarm transmission to the user with discrete vibrations.  The system consists of a control system that is wirelessly connected to a number of small hand-held units which can easily be worn on the users belt.
  "The reassuring bi-directional communication facility of this product, coupled with the versatility of use presented the jury with an ideal candidate for prize nomination once again for Nordic Alarms."

The Protect 9000 Smoke Generator from Protect
The Protect 9000 was launched as the World’s most powerful security smoke generator.  In only 60 seconds Protect 9000 is able to fill a hall of 9,000 square metres – that is a standard sized sports hall – with dense, white smoke making it impossible for burglars and vandals to see anything. Protect 9000 consists of six separate smoke generators, which can be discharged simultaneously or sequentially, allowing continuous smoke generation from 1 minute up to 6 minutes altogether.
   "Launched as the Worlds greatest capacity security smoke generator this product had to be included in the awards shortlist."
5.  Bewator 2010 system from Bewator
The newly enhanced Bewator 2010 alarm system is now able to integrate video recording with the latest addition of the Bewator Eventys, digital video management system.  It includes a vast array of options such as, access control, intruder alarm, fire detection, personal attack alarm and various general control functions for building management.
   "In the opinion of the jury this single system deserves to be included as a finalist.  It certainly offers a positive, practical solution for today’s demands on the Worldwide market with its comprehensive array of features."

Rachel Ward Owens finalised the ceremony with the following words. "It only remains now for us to congratulate all those manufacturers whose products have been nominated –  to wish them all good luck for the final"
   The final result and the winners will be presented on SecurityWolrdHotel.com on the 4th of November.

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