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Publicerat: 2023-10-25
Detektor International Award 2023 – winners from three continents

On October 24, the winners of the product prize Detektor International Award 2023 were presented at a security industry dinner at the International Stockholm Fair, held in conjunction with the security exhibition Sectech.

Winners: Mark Cosgrave, Optex, Jimmy Ek, Axis, Ulf Lindström, Flasheye and Vince Gardazhiev from Alcatratraz AI.

The Detektor International Award was established in 2000 and is one of the most famous and prestigious security industry prizes.

– With this award, we want to highlight solutions that represent innovation and usability, And this year´s nominated solutions are meeting these criteria and can contribute to effectiveness in the security work,, said Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine Detektor as the prize ceremony took off.

Four product categories

The Detektor International Award includes four categories; Alarm & Detection, ID & Pass Control, Video Surveillance and IoT. The jury that votes for the winners includes seven members of the editorial board of Detektor magazine, including chairman Åke Norrby and the editors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Taiwan.

Three continents

Detektor International is a true global award. It is also confirmed by the outcome of this year’s edition of the award where the four first prize winning manufacturers has their origin in three different continents, Europe, North America and Asia.

The Video Surveillance category

Axis Communications from Sweden and Europe won the first prize in the category of video surveillance for its IP-camera with integrated radar – Axis Q1656-DLE.

The Jury's motivation:
“This radar-video fusion camera can make a big difference in perimeter security applications. It enables more accurate and precise detection and classification of objects, while contributing to fewer false alarms. A world-class innovation from Axis.”

The Alarm & Detection category:

Optex from Japan and Asia came out as a winner in the Alarm & Detection category with their intelligent lidar technology detector Redscan Mini-Pro.

The Jury's motivation:
“Designed for extremely fast, precise, and reliable detection in all kinds of weather conditions, Redscan Mini-Pro offers a convincing winning concept to meet the toughest challenges in perimeter surveillance applications.”

The ID & Access Control category

Alcatraz AI from USA and North America took the victory in the access control category with the Rock – their face authentication access control solution

The Jury's motivation:.
“This unique AI-based facial authentication access control solution ticks all the boxes for a true game changer. A pioneering achievement, which is why the Rock is the undisputable Detektor International Award winner of the access control category 2023.”

The IoT Security category

In the IoT category Flasheye from Sweden was awarded as number one for its solution Acuity, using lidar technology and advanced processing of 3D data.

The Jury's motivation:
“Acuity responds to the market’s highest demands for reliable detection. Using lidar technology and advanced processing of 3D data, the solution generates valuable insights that take intelligent detection to a whole new level.”

Innovative Achievement Award

Apart from the first prize winners, the eight other companies with nominated products in the different categories were also rewarded during the prize ceremony. Consilium Safety, Secury360, Stid Security, Acre Security, Bosch Security, Hanwha Vision, Seriline and Aritech. They all the “Innovative Achievement Award” for their contributions to the market 2023 –through their nominated products/solutions.