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Publicerat: 2018-11-08
Here they are – the Detektor International Award winners 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

The 19th Detektor International Awards prize ceremony took place at the security industry banquet, held yesterday evening after the first day of the Sectech exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.  These unique awards for the best security products of 2018 were presented to the following esteemed group of truly international winners, all of which had triumphed against some tough competition in each of the four categories  -  The overall winners are,  Iloq, Genetec, Vanderbilt and Flir.

The editor of Detektor, Lennart Alexandrie, celebrated with the first prize winners of Detektor International Award 2018 – Erik Nord, Genetec, Thomas Risager, Vanderbilt International, Fredrik Wallberg, Flir Systems and Mårten Persson from Iloq.

Twelve manufacturers from three continents were awarded and four of them were chosen as the overall winner in their respective product category: ID & Access Control, Alarm & Detection, Video Surveillance and IoT Security. All the recipients of the Detektor International Awards 2018 are presented below.

ID & Access Control - The overall winner 2018

Iloq S50 from Iloq (Finland)  is the first lock cylinder in the world to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone. The jury’s motivation:“With this impressive solution, Iloq has created a clearly winning concept and truly strengthened its position as an innovation leader in the security industry.”

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2018
Shared by Aperio H100 from Assa Abloy (Sweden) and the SVN-Flex from Salto Systems (Spain)

The Aperio H100 is a wireless, battery powered handle with built in reader for indoor office and facility doors. The jury’s motivation:“Smooth and smart – the Aperio H100 access control door handle is a brilliant example of excellent product design by Assa Abloy.”

The SVN-Flex is a wire-free, data-on-card technology that allows any stand-alone electronic locks to read and update card access information. Since any door lock can be an updating point for any user, building infrastructure can be organised freely and wirelessly. The jury’s motivation: “With SVN-Flex Salto Systems has launched an access control solution that genuinely responds to market demands for increased security, control, effectiveness and convenience.”

Video Surveillance - The overall winner 2018

Genetec Privacy Protector from Genetec (Canada) is a software application that automatically obscures persons and vehicles in surveillance videos in real-time through pixelisation.  The jury’s motivation: “This powerful response to the video surveillance market demands for privacy protection solutions proves Genetec’s outstanding leadership in security technology software design.”

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2018
Shared by the Flexidome Starlight 8000i from Bosch Building Technologies (Germany) and the Axis Q6125-LE from Axis Communications (Sweden)

Flexidome starlight 8000i is a camera series (4K, 6MP and Full HD) with wireless configuration and ability to commission multiple cameras by connecting to the camera’s built in WiFi-module, which enables a very fast installation.  The jury’s motivation: “The advancements on the Flexidome Starlight 8000i show Bosch’s contribution, of a remarkable video surveillance concept, to the increasing demand for time saving and cost effective solutions.”

Axis Q6125-Le is the first PTZ camera with built in IR in a compact dome design.  The jury’s motivation: “This is the world´s first compact PTZ camera – with built-in IR – that enables surveillance in total darkness up to 200 metres and certainly confirms Axis’ commitment to innovation leadership.”

Alarm & Detection - The overall winner 2018

Flir Saros Dome Camera from Flir Systems (USA) combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies including multiple Flir Lepton thermal sensors, IR and visible LED illuminators and high-definition optical cameras in one device. The jury’s motivation: “Through the combination of multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies in one device, Flir Systems has developed a convincing winner.”

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2018
Shared by Facepro Facial Recognition System from Panasonic (Japan) and the BX Shield series from Optex (Japan)

Facepro Facial recognition system is a deep learning technology that can identify faces that are difficult to recognise within common video surveillance technology, for example when detecting faces partially hidden by sunglasses or face masks. The jury’s motivation:“With this deep learning technology Panasonic elevates facial recognition to a new level.”

BX shield series is a series of curtain-based outdoor motion sensors for intrusion detection with up to 12 metres detection range on each side of the device. The jury’s motivation: “Optex demonstrates its remarkable capacity to transform market demands into real-life solutions with this series of curtain-based outdoor motion sensors.”

IoT Security Products - The overall winner 2018

ACT365 from Vanderbilt (USA) is a cloud-based integrated access control and video management solution that delivers remote access and instant management for the users – if there is somebody at the site entrance, the user can verify the person and open the door with a click of a button from a smart phone. The jury’s motivation: “This user-friendly management solution ingeniously ties access control and video surveillance seamlessly into one single interface allowing SMEs to easily create software based business models. Wonderful Vanderbilt!”

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2018
Shared by Pangea 4G Security Router from Dualtech (Sweden) and the ”Security within security” concept from Vivotek (Taiwan)

Pangea 4G security router is especially developed for the security industry. It creates an effective hub for connecting up to four different alarm systems in the same building and enables Real-Estate-as-a-Service.  The jury’s motivation: “Beautifully designed, this open platform hub can link together the entire security system of a building – whether an IT infrastructure already exists or not. It certainly confirms Dualtech’s impressive innovation ability.”

“Security within security” consists of cyber security enhanced cameras with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software, which feature automatic detection, prevent credential attacks, and block suspicious events.  The jury’s motivation:“Vivotek’s “Security within Security” concept is a convincing response to the undeniable threat of cyber attacks in IP-video devices. This perfectly timed solution is bound to generate followers.”

Next year Detektor International will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Detektor International Awards and it is certain to be one of the highlights of 2019. 

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