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Publicerat: 2009-10-14
Navtech Radar finalist in Detektor International Awards 2009
Oxfordshire, UK
Navtech Radar, the leading developer and manufacturer of millimetre wave (MMW) radar sensor solutions for outdoor Security and Surveillance applications, has been shortlisted in the Alarm and Detection category for this year's Detektor International Awards.

Detektor International Awards is the only internationally recognized independent award in which the candidates are solely selected by the editorial team at Ar Media hence it is not possible for companies to apply for evaluation. The awards have 2 other categories; CCTV and Access Control. Each category will give out the Best Product Award, Highly Commended Product Award and Innovative Achievement Award.

The product nominated is Navtech's newly developed AdvanceGuard 350-X Radar solution which is specifically designed for perimeter security and surveillance. The new radar sensor employs an advanced beam pattern that minimises non-detection at the base of the sensor when the sensor is mounted higher e.g. on the roof of a building. This allows for reduction of the non-detection zone at the base to only 6 m radius from the sensor, if mounted at 4 metres height. Higher mounting further affords the advantage of an elevated view down onto a location and a better field of view and detection coverage over uneven ground. The 350-X radar will detect a man walking at a maximum range of up to 350 m radius from the sensor. Approaching vehicles will be detected at longer ranges, out to 800 m radius.

"For a smaller, niche company to be selected for the Detektor International Awards is a true honour," commented Jason Burger, sales and marketing manager of Navtech Radar. "Particularly as radar is still considered to be 'emerging technology' for outdoor security & surveillance purposes. With the increased focus on early warning, particularly when it comes to perimeter security for critical infrastructure such as airports, this recognition of Navtech's technology underlines the fact that it is truly unique and adds value. The impact has certainly been felt in our bottom line, but it is the breadth of our work, from roads, tunnels and airports over government projects and civil surveillance in so many parts of the world that gives me such confidence in our future".

"As Navtech continues to grow and establish itself in new markets in these demanding times the possibility of receiving such high profile recognition is a phenomenal boost of confidence to the entire staff who are working so hard to secure our continued growth,"  Jason Burger adds.

The 350-X solution specifically provides the advantage of:

• Early Warning - A radar placed inside a perimeter fence can 'see' through gaps in the fence to detect any approaching potential intruders. When an incident is taking place, the radar will detect and track any person or vehicle moving in its detection zones and then automatically control associated CCTV cameras to follow the intruder and produce a visual image on a separate screen in the control room. Effectively, an alarm is raised already when someone is approaching the fence and hence the solution delivers a valuable time advantage - 'early warning' - which can be used for risk assessment and raising counter measures, such as sending manned patrols to intercept.

• Tracking of multiple intruders - The 350-X integrates with CCTV cameras. It can either be retrofit - which makes it very costs effective - or in case of new projects - the radar comes integrated with Ganz PTZ cameras. A single radar can control up to 5 CCTV cameras and operates with 360 degree 'view' with 25 cm sensitivity out to the operating range. Because of this unique feature, radar can track multiple intruders and direct the CCTV camera(s) to track the intruder which is perceived to pose the largest threat. This means for example, that it is possible to assess and track a real terrorist or militant eco-terrorist using a group of largely pacifist protesters as a diversion.  In other words, the fanatic racing across the airfield with an incendiary device. With radar activated surveillance, the security operator will see this attack. He/she will know that a rogue intruder is heading in the direction of the higher risk areas and will be able to accurately direct the on-airfield security response to prioritise apprehension of this intruder.

Applications where the new technology has already been specified or is in the process of installation include: motorway gantries for monitoring the hard shoulder, motorway bridge abutments to look underneath the bridge into the void space to detect any undesirable behaviour, vehicle storage compound security to scan over the parked cars out to the perimeter for any intruders or thieves, as well as on top of roof apex, to detect intruders jumping across onto the roof from adjoining buildings.

The Awards will be presented at a Sectech security banquet dinner on the 20th October at the Rica Talk Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.