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Publicerat: 2010-05-13
SecurityUser Expo becomes Denmark's biggest security exhibition
Copenhagen, Denmark & Stockholm, Sweden
The Danish security interest organisation, SikkerhedsBranschen, is supporting AR Media International's plan to launch a new security exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark during 2011. On Thursday the 29th of April, a contract was signed between the two organisations in Sikkerhedens Hus in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

The exhibition "Sikring & Sikkerhed" has been arranged in Odense Congresscenter in Denmark since 1997. Starting in 2011, the focus is shifted towards Copenhagen in order to attract end customers in the private as well as the public sector. Between the 19-21 September next year the SecurityUser Expo exhibition will be arranged in Carlberg's old breweries, TAP 1. SecurityUser Expo is arranged by AR Media International in cooperation with SikkerhedsBranschen.

SikkerhedsBranschen's board unanimously decided to support the SecurityUser-concept.

"We feel that the security industry has matured and that security is significantly higher up on the agenda in both the private and public sector. In order to re-adjust to the new market reality, we feel that we need to reach the market with new tools. It's all about meeting up to our member's interests," said Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen, Managing Director, SikkerhedsBranschen.

So you are saying that this couldn't be achieved within the scope of the "Sikring & Sikkerhed" exhibition in Odense?

"No, the security market is driven by the end customers, and it is in Copenhagen that the largest organisations, public as well as private, are located. Copenhagen is also the home to most of the decision makers in the Danish economy. We can't require that they come to us, we must come to them. I think we are doing just that with the launch of the SecurityUser Expo that is arranged in the heart of Copenhagen," Skov-Mikkelsen answered.

SecurityUser Expo is arranged by the publishing company AR Media International that, together with Stockholm International Fairs, also is arranging the Sectech exhibitions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. AR Media is also the publisher of the security magazine Detektor as well as the security portal SecurityWorldHotel.com.

"We have had a very good cooperation with AR media during the two years that SecurityUser.dk has been on the web as well as in the form of a printed magazine. This has naturally increased our confidence in AR Media," said Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen. "The success of the Sectech exhibitions also confirms AR Media's competence as an organiser of SecurtiyUser Expo. They have a very market oriented organisation and medias to back up the promotion of the event," Skov-Mikkelsen further noted.

For Stockholm-based AR Media International's managing director, Lennart Alexandrie, SikkehedsBranschen's support is very welcomed.

"We feel great joy to be able to build a platform for a central meeting place where the Danish security companies can meet their customers. We are also aware of that the high requirements on us to market and organise this project in a convincing way. For that reason we are going to extend our local presence in Denmark within short," Lennart Alexandrie concludes.
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