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Detektor Scandinavia is the leading security magazine for the Scandinavian security market. It is published 6 times each year and is geared towards the professionals within the security industry: installers, consultants, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
Detektor International is the international security technology magazine for the European security market. It is published 4 times each year and is focused on the very latest technology and business within the security field and even includes exclusive previews and reports from international security exhibitions all over the world.
SecurityWorldHotel.com is the news portal for the global market as well as the North America, EMEA and various local national security markets, namely UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Sectech is an exhibition with seminars that is focused on security technology in Scandinavia. It is a natural meeting place for all who work with security technologies for the physical protection, such as alarm systems of various types, access control and video surveillance.
The Physical Security Business 2015 to 2020

The Physical Security Business 2015 to 2020

Access Control, Intruder Alarms & Video Surveillance

This report is the new 2015 definitive resource for access control, intruder alarms & video surveillance market research & investment analysis.
The total world production value of security products at factory gate prices was $27.25 billion in 2015. Of this Video Surveillance products at $14.68 billion took a share of 54%, Access Control at $6.13 billion took a 22.5% share and Intruder Alarms at $6.4 billion had a 23.5% share.

The report forecasts that growth in total security equipment sales will edge up to 8% in 2016 and will reach $42 billion by 2020. The Access Control market has maintained its growth of 10% in 2015 and we expect steady progress going forward with little competition from Chinese products currently on the horizon.

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