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Publicerat: 2007-10-25
Sony, Panasonic and GE got the top awards when the security products of the year were presented
Stockholm, Sweden
During the Security Banquet, after the first day of the Sectech show in Stockholm on the 23rd of October, the security trade magazine Detektor International presented the winners of the Detektor International Awards.
The first prizes, "Best Product Award", summarized very well the security market of today; a camera solution with built in intelligent video analysis, an access control biometrics product and an IP-based alarm system, which came with a number of integrated functions. All of the first prize winners are representative of today's trends in the applications of security technology.
The fact that two Japanese (Sony and Panasonic) and one American (GE Security) brand took the top positions is in fact symptomatic of the security market of today, in consideration of the origins of the largest manufacturers.

The desirable first prizes, a custom designed glass sculpture (by Bertil Vallien) were this year received by Björn Admeus from Sony, Jonatan Holmelius from Panasonic and Lennart Person from GE Security.

Over 350 dinner guests attended the prize ceremony of Detektor International Award at the restaurant Park Side of the Rica Talk Hotel.
   According to Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chef of Detektor International, the criteria of innovation is not only strictly the technical solution but also the way a product is packaged and presented. And a "product" in this definition can also be a service.
  - As a result technical new products and systems are created all the time and not least services as well. The Detektor International Awards shall be seen in the light of the ongoing technical development but also in the light of the ongoing process of demands for higher packaging qualities where the presentation of the whole concept becomes increasingly important in order to reach the customer, said Lennart Alexandrie.  
This was the outcome when the best new security products of the year were presented. The official justification (by the Detektor International Jury -DIA) is presented after each product presentation.

Camera Surveillance

Best CCTV Product Award
Sony SNC-DF80P from Sony (Japan).
A robust mini dome camera with a range of functions and built in intelligence which saves bandwidth.
The DIA-jury: "SNC-DF80P shows the numerous qualities and opportunities that network cameras can offer. With its built-in intelligent video features, based on today's limited bandwidth, this mini dome delivers a solution that fulfils the need for pro active video surveillance in the global security market"

Highly Commended CCTV Product Award
Axis 233D Network Camera from Axis Communication (Sweden).
The worlds "fastest" dome camera with progressive scan technology from the world leading company Axis of Lund Sweden.
The DIA-jury: "With the pioneering progressive scan and the outstanding speed of the pan/tilt of this network dome camera, Axis has confirmed its world market leading status as a product developer".

Innovative Achievement Awards
CheckView from Checkpoint Systems (USA) / Milestone Systems (Denmark).
A software solution for the retail industry reducing theft and shrinkage. 
The DIA-jury: "With the tight margins characterising the retail sector, the shrinkage of today in Europe represent substantial profit losses. This retail sector customised CheckView system could make a big difference with potentially immediate ROI for the user".

Agent Vi System 3.0 from Agent Vi (USA)
An intelligent video analysis solution for larger surveillance installations which in a clever way uses distributed intelligence (in the camera) as well as centralised intelligence (server based) in order to  deliver intelligent camera surveillance with limited bandwidth available.
The DIA-jury: "Through retaining the strengths of both edge- and server based intelligent analytics, the Agent Vi System avoids the individual limitations, of each technology principle. This outstanding scalable solution for enterprise-type installations is truly an achievement of importance".

Access Control

Best Access Control Product Award
BM-ET200 from Panasonic Security Systems (Japan)
Instant iris scanning for secure access control. 
The DIA-jury: "Fast speed identification, coupled with a very low false acceptance rate, makes BM-ET200 a perfect choice in environments where time is precious and security paramount".

Highly Commended Access Control Product Award
Crescendo from HID Corp. (USA)
A powerful smart card solution for swift implementation of different kinds of access control applications. 
The DIA-jury: "With Crescendo, the security market has finally been offered a multi task smart card solution, designed and packaged for instant use".

Innovative Achievement Awards
Hi-O from Assa Abloy (Sweden)
An intelligent plug-and-play-solution for access control and locking devices which offers faster and more simplified installation, service and maintenance as well as a lower total cost.
The DIA-jury: "The Hi-O, with its plug and play concept, is a powerful answer to the need of a true contemporary electronic door solution".

ACS WebService from Brivo (USA)
A fully IP-based access control concept, based on an open platform, with an advanced concept of services which offers full control features with a number of functions for organisations with  geographically spread multi sites.
The DIA-jury: "This remote multi-site management service concept offers a powerful solution for access control. No need for software or servers. A computer and a Web browser is all that is needed for a flexible solution with maximum security accessibility for any facility anywhere at anytime".

Alarm Products

Best Alarm product
PremisesConnect from GE Security (USA)
A complex networked based solution for electronic security in homes and small companies with many control options which offer value added.
The DIA-jury: "This innovative IP-based system really does take home security to another level, not only designed for traditional intruder detection, but also for family safety, protection and communication, whilst also incorporating the simplification of many day to day home management issues".

Highly Commended Alarm Product
GEN 2 System from Brijot (USA)
Not a traditional alarm product but a system which detects threats, which is why it has been placed in this category. The system scans people (e.g. at an airport) in order to detect explosive agents or hidden objects. The passive technology which is implemented means that people are not exposed to any radioactive transmission or any other health risks (e.g. for people with pacemakers or pregnant women).
The DIA-jury: "With this non-intrusive millimetre wave scanning technology, the GEN 2-system is an excellent breakthrough in the fight against violence and terrorism in public places such as train stations, stadiums and shopping centres."
Innovative Achievement Awards
Photon from Deitech (Italy)
Photon is a discrete alarm barrier for outdoor use, which with its digital technology and clever design offers flexible solutions for secure detection of intruders and a minimal risk of false alarms.
The DIA-jury: "This efficient unobtrusive and aesthetically designed bi-directional barrier has a flexibility that truly means opportunities for tailor made outdoor perimeter applications. Photon meets most demands, quick installation, secure detection and a minimised false alarm rate. The additional energy saving feature is just a confirmation that Photon is a system for today's eco-conscious markets".

EkoTek from Multitone (UK).
A wireless personal alarm which through its cost effective wireless technology makes personal safety much more available than previously.
The DIA-jury: "The EkoTek tracking system is a genuinely innovative two way communications solution to common problems found in many working environments. With its wireless repeaters it is extremely cost effective to install, encouraging wider investment scope for personal safety issues" .

Independent award
Detektor International Award is the only global Security Industry Award which can not be applied for. The selection is based solely on the product launches which have take place in the last twelve months. 

A leading European trade magazine
Detektor International is the leading European trade magazine in the field of security technology. When the independent IMS Research of Great Britain carried out a market research covering the international awareness of security media and reading habits, Detektor was identified as number one in all of EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Afrika), in terms of being most well known as well as being most frequently read. Detektor International is published by AR Media International AB.
In two steps next year
The next Detektor International Award will be presented in two steps. The nominations will be published in Stockholm at the Skydd 2008 fair and the winners of the different awards will be appointed in connexion with Sectech in Copenhagen in November 2008.

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