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Detektor Scandinavia is the leading security magazine for the Scandinavian security market. It is published four times each year and is geared towards the professionals within the security industry: installers, consultants, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
Detektor International is the international security technology magazine for the European security market. It is published twice a year and is focused on the very latest technology and business within the security field and even includes exclusive previews and reports from international security exhibitions all over the world.
SecurityWorldMarket.com is the news portal for the global market as well as the North America, EMEA and various local national security markets, namely UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Sectech is an exhibition with seminars that is focused on security technology in Scandinavia. It is a natural meeting place for all who work with security technologies for the physical protection, such as alarm systems of various types, access control and video surveillance.

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Publicerat: 2020-05-11
Strong 2020 start for SecurityWorldMarket.com
Stockholm, Sweden

2019 was a record year for Securityworldmarket.com. The site recorded 516,788 visits, compared to 481,922 visits during the full year 2018, an increase of 7.2 percent. 2020 is proving to be a similar story. During the first quarter of 2020, Google Analytics recorded 146,482 visits, compared with 129,455 for the corresponding period in 2019, an increase of 13.15 percent.

"We will continue to ensure that we focus our reports on the most interesting events and trends within the physical security market", says Lennart Alexandrie, publisher, AR Media International.

The number of Securityworldmarket.com users in 2019 amounted to 349,603, an increase of almost 7.8 percent compared with the previous year (324,417).

In the first quarter of 2020, 105,348 users were registered versus 92,878 for the corresponding period in 2019, an increase of 13.43 percent.

"Our goal is to increase traffic by 10 percent and we are well placed to succeed. But that will not happen automatically. We will continue to ensure that we focus our reports on the most interesting events and trends within the physical security market", says Lennart Alexandrie, publisher, AR Media International.

At a time when digitalisation has taken off, not least in the media, it is of course important to attract traffic, but essentially the quality of that traffic is also very important.

"The users of Securityworldmarket.com primarily consist of all users, clients and players involved with products and services at all stages of the security market chain, from end customers to resellers, which are obviously target groups that attract our advertisers", comments Lennart Alexandrie.

Then why is it that more and more people see Securityworldmarket.com as an important source of information for security professionals?

"It is probably our investment in producing our own unique material that has produced results. Our Theme article series and web TV interview productions covering different key market trends are good examples of that."

"Then of course, in addition, there is the sheer quantity of current and topical information on the security market in Scandinavia and internationally. No other online-based security publication in the security market publishes as much news daily as Securityworldmarket.com does with its seven market editions, and including four different languages. This makes our news site completely unique", ”concludes Lennart Alexandrie.

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