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Detektor Scandinavia is the leading security magazine for the Scandinavian security market. It is published four times each year and is geared towards the professionals within the security industry: installers, consultants, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
Detektor International is the international security technology magazine for the European security market. It is published twice a year and is focused on the very latest technology and business within the security field and even includes exclusive previews and reports from international security exhibitions all over the world.
SecurityWorldMarket.com is the news portal for the global market as well as the North America, EMEA and various local national security markets, namely UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Sectech is an exhibition with seminars that is focused on security technology in Scandinavia. It is a natural meeting place for all who work with security technologies for the physical protection, such as alarm systems of various types, access control and video surveillance.

Company history

• AR Media International AB was founded by Lennart Alexandrie and Gunnar Ranebäck and launched its first product – the Swedish edition of the security trade magazine Detektor to be released 4 times a year. The magazine was financially supported by the security trade organisation SLF on the initiative of which the magazine had started.
• The cooperation with SLF was terminated and the magazine became an independent publication.
• Detektor increased the numbers of issues, from 4 to 6 issues a year.
• AR Media launched "Swedish Security" a magazine based on advertorials from Swedish exporting security companies. The distribution of the magazine was presented at the international security exhibition IFSEC in Birmingham, as well as at other European security events.
• Detektor increased the numbr of issues, from 6 to 7 issues a year.
• Gunnar Ranebäck sold his shares and left AR Media International.
• The educational security handbook "Svensk Säkerhet" (Swedish Security) was published for the first time.
• Säkerhet Plus, an annual supplement in the financial newspaper Dagens Industri, was first published.
• SecurityWorldHotel.com was launched for the Swedish market.
• SecurityWorldHotel.com was launched for the global security market as well as the Norwegian market.
• The Norway subsidiary of AR Media AS was established and a Norwegian edition of Detektor was introduced to the Norwegian market.
• The security trade magazine Detektor International was introduced with a target audience of the security market throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
• The Detektor International Awards were established to reward product development based on innovation and customer value.
• Detektor Norway and Detektor Sweden were merged into a single magazine called Detektor Scandinavia, which also incorporates the Danish market.
• The Sectech exhibition and seminar event was launched. The first event was held in Stockholm and was a success. The exhibition was/is a joint venture between AR Media International and the International Stockholm Fair.
• The Danish edition of SecurityWorldHotel.com was launched.
• The Sectech exhibition took off in Denmark and Norway.
• The British edition of SecurityWorldhotel.com was launched.
• The Swedish edition of the website SecurityUser.com was presented at the "Skydd" security exhibition.
• The independent market research company IMS Research published "Security Media Brand Awareness Survey 2005", a report based on a survey involving 600 security professionals around the world. The report stated that Detektor is the most well known and regularly read printed security trade magazine in the EMEA and in the Nordic countries. The report also covered online security trade media and placed SecurityWorldHotel.com at the top of the list in the EMEA, Scandinavia and UK/Eire.
• SecurityWorldHotel.com was expanded to include an edition for the Middle East and an edition for North America.
• AR Media and Stockholm International Fairs launched the annual golf tournament SkyddGolfen Detektor Open.
• Lennart Alexandrie, CEO and founder of AR Media, received the "Hans Wermdalen Säkerhetsstipendium." (Hans Wermdalen's Safety Scholarship). The motivation stated that Alexandrie, through Detektor and SecurityWorldHotel.com, has "created accesible, objective and timely information about crime and loss prevention of great benefit to both buyers and sellers of protection for people and property" and that "these sources of information, along with conferences and exhibitions, have been met with great interest beyond our borders and actively have contributed to Sweden's strong reputation in the security field".
• A branch office in Taipei, Taiwan was established to serve AR Media's growing number of Asian customers.
• The Danish edition of the website and tabloid newspaper SecurityUser.com was launched. AR Media operates the project in partnership with the Danish security trade association SikkerhedsBranchen.
• The Detektor Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced and the first prize winner was Åke Andersson, former vice president at Securitas Teknik.
• SecurityUser.com was launched as a tabloid newspaper in Sweden with an annual publication of four issues. SecurityUser.com also organised the first meeting of the - Transport & Security Conference, in connection with Sectech.
• AR Media introduced the "Detektor Football Cup" tournament in Birmingham, coinciding with the IFSEC show.
• A branch office in Copenhagen was established to support AR Media's local activities in Denmark.
• The prize "Best Security Entrepreneur" was introduced. Freddie Parrman of Pas Card was chosen as the winner.
• Security User Expo, a biennial exhibition and conference focused on end users, was established.
• SecurityUser.com and the think tank SNOS introduced the award "Årets trygghetsambassadör" (Safety Ambassador of the Year"). The first award winner was Johan Pehrson, member of the Swedish Parliament and spokesman for the criminal political issues for the Liberals.
• SecurityUser.com introduced the annual conference "Trygghetskamerans dag".
• Lennart Alexandrie, CEO and founder of AR Media, received the Gold Shield Award, which is awarded by the Global Security Industry Alliance and China Public Security Expo to security professionals who have made "outstanding contributions in the global security industry".
• The Swedish edition of SecurityUser.com became the official media for the Swedish security trade association SäkerhetsBranschen.
• AR Media's cooperation with Stockholm International Fairs expanded as AR Media became an important partner regarding product development, marketing and sales for Skydd, the biggest security exhibition in the Nordic region.
• The design of SecurityWorldHotel.com was improved and the site became mobile-friendly.
• AR Media became official partner to the International Stockholm Fair and the year´s biggest security exhibition in the Nordic countries – SKYDD 2014. The partnership included sales and marketing of the event.
• Based on the success 2014 the Stockholm International Fair renew the partnership with AR Media and the publisher became a regular official partner to the Skydd event to come
• The conference "Security Tenders" was introduced.
• The printed security trade publication "Tryggare Samhälle" (Safer Society) was launched in cooperation with SSF Stöldskyddsföreningen (the Loss Prevention Council of Sweden).